Phuket is what I’d regard as the last remaining few destinations in the world that I’d call ‘haven’. I’ve not long ago took a 6-moths break from life. From all of the places, Phuket is beyond doubt the one that I love probably the most.

Can it be the people? Could it be the landscape? Can it be the food? Could it be the weather? I’m not sure. A mix of all is what probably makes it so unique.

While most of the entire world has forgotten in regards to the deadly tsunami that rocked Phuket in 2006, the exact same can not be said of the natives living in Phuket. I can sense that lots of the locals remain traumatic of the catastrophic disaster. Nontheless, lives had to continue and that is what happened with all the people there.

Here are some pictures that I’ve captured during my stay at Phuket. I’m sure it will provide you with a glimpse of the last few remaining paradise on earth.

The best of phuket-14

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