Everyone of us has our individual views when it pertains to our dream job and whilst many of us prefer the allure of corporate employment, that is certainly just not for me. I used to think that corporate was the exclusive path that any person has to undertake. At one point of time, I was even into thinking that most people going around in their professional office attires & suits were cool. That prompted my fortitude to ascend the corporate and business ladder and end up like them some day.

A couple of years subsequently, things have steered a dramatic reversion. I began to discover that in reality, corporate and business world is not as wonderful as what I imagined assume it. Don’t be misguided. It isn’t actually that I didn’t manage to get into large corporations and truth be told, I secure myself right into one of the world’s most admired companies. Unfortunately the 2 years I wasted there was really not fun and it doesn’t matter how much I attempted to enjoy my job, I simply wasn’t able to do it up to the point where I ultimately said enough was enough.


You may call me impulsive, but so far as I am able to see, I have tried speaking to my classmates who confer at about the same time as I am. Contrary to popular belief, more than half of whom I talked to were in the similar circumstance or worse than me. It is not about the salary. Considering that our country is still searching ourselves from the economic slump, we were decently paid.

If I was looking for a secure job, I would stick on with my job. Simply, it has been the office politics that instigated my desire. I simply was not able to be not who I am. I come to comprehend that in the arena of professional, it is not the cleverest idea that trumps, however it is office politics that win. I tried to picture my life suppose I need to endure such process for 20 or thirty years. I thought my life was too priceless and there are so much more I will be able and wish to experience in life. Ever since my decision to call it quit, I will never look back and it is a choice that I won’t feel sorry for.

While not everyone was fortunate enough to do it, I was able to build up meaningful savings from my two years of professional pursuit and that allowed me to realize my dream in life. Despite the fact that my passion is unusually grueling (you know how kitchen operates) and tiring, I am finding pleasure in myself most of the time and time just passes on without me ever realizing it.

I am publishing this weblog out of interest and I just would like to see how brilliant I am into this whole blogging thing. Nothing hardcore, nothing confidential here. It would be magnificent to hear if you come across the content as valuable. However otherwise, I still need to say thank you for dropping by.